Scott and Mandys Wedding Day

Mandy Picasa1Mandy Picasa

Scott and Mandy

Having followed the weather report for a couple of weeks (whilst being surrounded by blazing sunshine) it was meant to rain all day on Scott and Mandy’s big day but we were very lucky and it held out until about 6pm.

The day started in Mandy’s home with her two beautiful daughters who did brilliantly all day with lots of smiles.  She was a little nervous and her dress was causing a few hiccups but very close friends helped with every step.

She made it on time to the ceremony at the Holiday Inn in Basingstoke and looked stunning as she stepped out of the car.

The ceremony was lovely and intimate and the only mishap was the registrar using the best mans name but it did create a good giggle.

We then after a cheeky drink (not me of course) head out to the local park where their daughters were very content playing on the swings whilst we took some lovely photos next to the Blackdam ponds. After which we had a good giggle with the group photos and a kid fuelled confetti throwing.  They never stood a chance;)

The room was set up beautifully by Events for U in all neutral tones, large martini glasses and sweets jars for everyone.

The meal was apparently very tasty according to one of the guests which is lovely to hear and the speeches were short and sweet but we did get to see some of the groom and best mans favourite dance moves reenacted.

The party began well with all the little ones showing the grown ups how it is done on the dance floor followed by the couples first dance to the lovely Ed Sheeran and just after the cake was cut I set of home.

It was a lovely day for a lovely couple!


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