Rachel and Gavin at The Ashburnham Hotel on 29th August 2015

 Early in the morning at the beginning of August Bank Holiday weekend I was off a bit further into West Wales to photograph Rachel and Gavin’s wedding.Rachel and Gavin 18

Rachel and Gavin 3

Rachel and Gavin 9

Preparations all went well and Rachel looked stunning with lace and sparkle.

Rachel and Gavin 35

Arriving at the church and I caught Gavin waiting in anticipation in the doorway.Rachel and Gavin 11

 A wedding wouldn’t be the same without just a few tears of happiness.Rachel and Gavin 37Rachel and Gavin 31Rachel and Gavin 25Rachel and Gavin 8Rachel and Gavin 16I think the happy faces show how everyone was feeling.
Rachel and Gavin 12

Rachel and Gavin 19Rachel and Gavin 15Rachel and Gavin 4Rachel and Gavin 27Rachel and Gavin 33Rachel and Gavin 21

So cute.Rachel and Gavin 7Rachel and Gavin 22Rachel and Gavin 23

I alway love it when you find somewhere a little bit different for some of the couple photographs.Rachel and Gavin 2Rachel and Gavin 1Rachel and Gavin 20Rachel and Gavin 13Rachel and Gavin 26Rachel and Gavin 17Rachel and Gavin 36In case you haven’t spotted the colour theme yet.Rachel and Gavin 38Rachel and Gavin 24And the attention to detail.  I wonder how long these flowers took to make.Rachel and Gavin 30Rachel and Gavin 34Rachel and Gavin 28
Rachel and Gavin 14Rachel and Gavin 6

My day with Rachel and Gavin was complete with just the right amount of evening sunshine in a pretty spectacular sky.

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