Vicky and Jim at Fonmon Castle on 30th August 2015

Final bridal preparations were underway for my second wedding of the August Bank Holiday weekend and what was to be a very happy day with Vicky and Jim at Fonmon Castle and also the second time I had been to this stunning place in as many weeks.Vicky and Jim 27Vicky and Jim 41Vicky and Jim 17Vicky and Jim 32Vicky and Jim 9The brides arrival and the ceremony don’t get much better than this.
Vicky and Jim 15Vicky and Jim 8Vicky and Jim 39Vicky and Jim 11Vicky and Jim 21Vicky and Jim 28Vicky and Jim 35Vicky and Jim 20Vicky and Jim 3Vicky and Jim 42Once again the stunning location and the attention to detail made for a perfect celebration.Vicky and Jim 33Vicky and Jim 29Vicky and Jim 25Vicky and Jim 16Vicky and Jim 7Vicky and Jim made my job a real pleasure with the couple photographs – they were smiley, giggly and so natural together.Vicky and Jim 6Vicky and Jim 38Vicky and Jim 36Vicky and Jim 30Vicky and Jim 13Vicky and Jim 4Vicky and Jim 2Vicky and Jim 1Vicky and Jim 26I’m sure you can imagine how the speeches went!

Vicky and Jim 44Vicky and Jim 31Vicky and Jim 18Vicky and Jim 14Vicky and Jim 37Vicky and Jim 22Vicky and Jim 10Vicky and Jim 5

And the cake and the cake sword were spectacular.Vicky and Jim 19

Vicky and Jim 40Guess what – more giggling.
Vicky and Jim 24

I don’t think Vicky and Jim really need me to wish then many happy times together but I do anyway.

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