Matthew and Gill on 2nd October 2015 at Hagley Hall.

Gill and Matthew’s wedding took place at Hagley Hall in Hagley, with it’s lovely views over rolling fields, with only 28 of their closest family and friends in attendance.Matthew and Gill 17We dashed up the motorway to this beautiful location, after watching Wales win the rugby the evening before, for my lovely husband to be best man to his lifelong friend and his own best man at our wedding all those years ago ;).  Matthew and Gill 4I have to say I felt like a star from Downton Abbey when I saw the table setting and the thoughtful and unusual details that were so in keeping with the atmosphere of the great crimson dining room.Matthew and Gill 11Matthew and Gill 15Matthew and Gill 22Matthew and Gill 14Matthew and Gill 13A few adjustments, a bit of a chat and one final practice before Gill arrived. Matthew and Gill 18Matthew and Gill 6Matthew and Gill 5Matthew and Gill 25Matthew and Gill 26Matthew and Gill 10Matthew and Gill 24Matthew and Gill 23

What could be more romantic than to have your husband-to-be play the piano for your arrival.

Matthew and Gill 21Matthew and Gill 9Matthew and Gill 20

Gill walked down the aisle accompanied by her two sons following her granddaughter who made a beautiful flower girl.

Matthew and Gill 27

Matthew and Gill 29Matthew and Gill 30Matthew and Gill 28 It was a lovely ceremony in the White Room (I know it’s yellow 😉 ) with lots of tenderness and smiles which ended with a whoop of joy.
Matthew and Gill 32 Matthew and Gill 34Matthew and Gill 16 Matthew and Gill 33Matthew and Gill 31Matthew and Gill 35 Matthew and Gill 36Matthew and Gill 37Matthew and Gill 38Matthew and Gill 39

Outside into the glorious sunshine for some couple, family and group photographs.

Matthew and Gill 40Matthew and Gill 88Matthew and Gill 86Matthew and Gill 87Matthew and Gill 85Matthew and Gill 84Matthew and Gill 83Matthew and Gill 19

Along with a little bit of fun which is normal when Matthew and Ian get together.Matthew and Gill 67Matthew and Gill 66Matthew and Gill 64Matthew and Gill 63Matthew and Gill 62Matthew and Gill 60Matthew and Gill 59Matthew and Gill 92Matthew and Gill 58Matthew and Gill 57Matthew and Gill 56Matthew and Gill 55Matthew and Gill 54Matthew and Gill 53Matthew and Gill 52Matthew and Gill 50Matthew and Gill 49Matthew and Gill 48Matthew and Gill 47Matthew and Gill 46Matthew and Gill 45Matthew and Gill 44Matthew and Gill 43Matthew and Gill 42Matthew and Gill 41

Dinner was served in the beautiful Crimson Room and the speeches followed with gifts of beautiful Chinese fans for the ladies and traditional chopsticks for the men.Matthew and Gill 68 Matthew and Gill 70 Matthew and Gill 71 Matthew and Gill 72 Matthew and Gill 73 Matthew and Gill 74 Matthew and Gill 75 Matthew and Gill 76 Matthew and Gill 77 Matthew and Gill 78 Matthew and Gill 79 Matthew and Gill 80 Matthew and Gill 81 Matthew and Gill 82What a stunning cake and cute figures.Matthew and Gill 7Matthew and Gill 8Afterwards the groom played for their guests and we managed to get outside again to catch the end of the sun setting on a really wonderful day.  Matthew and Gill 89Matthew and Gill 90Matthew and Gill 91

Thank you Matthew and Gill for inviting us.


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