Joe and Morwenna’s wedding day at St Fagans Museum on 4th June 2016

Our day started near Creigiau in The Barns at Tyn-y-Coed Farm where everyone was getting ready for Joe and Morwenna’s wedding.  Their very beautiful flowers for the day had little hidden secrets.  A centurion for Joe and a mermaid for Morwenna.


With Morwenna were her Mum, stepdad, her aunty and two bridesmaids.  Her hair and make-up were done brilliantly by friends from the roller derby.MOJO 10MOJO 9MOJO 12MOJO 11Her bridesmaids helped Morwenna to get dressed in her really pretty tea length dress. It had tiny flowers embroidered all over the delicate sheer fabric overlay with a sweetheart neckline showing through.  An aqua coloured sash and shoes highlighted one of the colours of the day and her outfit was topped off with a cute birdcage veil complimenting it perfectly.  Morwenna’s bridesmaid’s dresses and contrasting shoes were an exact colour match with her wedding flowers.MOJO 13MOJO 14MOJO 15

Dad arrived with his land rover to take her to St Fagans but first we had time for some photographs in the barn garden.MOJO 16MOJO 17MOJO 18

Joe and all the boys strolled down the drive from the barns to their cab waiting to take them to St Fagans.MOJO 8I went on to the castle in St Fagans where Joe had arrived and was meeting and greeting family and friends.  Inside the ceremony room Morwenna’s aunty had created stunning flower arrangements.MOJO 19The bride and her bridesmaids walked down the aisle in the castle to meet Joe for a quick but lovely and very smiley marriage ceremony. MOJO 20MOJO 21MOJO 22MOJO 23MOJO 24MOJO 25MOJO 26Although Grandma had Morwenna in happy tears during the signing of the register.MOJO 27MOJO 28MOJO 29MOJO 30MOJO 31Then it was all outside for a few important group photographs followed by some fun bridal party ones.13331114_1098506236878396_2775163770790966480_nMOJO 32MOJO 33MOJO 34MOJO 35MOJO 36MOJO 37The couple photographs were taken all around the beautiful grounds of St Fagans, by the grand surrounding wall, in the gardens, by the lake and along the woodland path with classic St Fagans wedding photos by the shops and cottages and then back to Oakdale Hall.MOJO 38MOJO 39MOJO 40MOJO 41MOJO 42MOJO 43MOJO 44MOJO 313413560_1098508416878178_7148089575713922832_nMOJO 46MOJO 47MOJO 48MOJO 49MOJO 50MOJO 51MOJO 52MOJO 53MOJO 54MOJO 55MOJO 56MOJO 60MOJO 59Even on the funfair ride.MOJO 57MOJO 58MOJO 61MOJO 62MOJO 63The room in Oakdale was laid for high tea with beautiful flower arrangements and vintage china on the tables.MOJO 64MOJO 65There was a stunning display of 1000 origami cranes all hand made by the bride and her family and guests were queuing to create the thumb print tree.MOJO 66MOJO 69MOJO 70MOJO 71MOJO 72MOJO 73MOJO 74MOJO 75MOJO 76High tea was followed by speeches from both Mowrwenna and Joe, his Best Man who was so pleased to have been asked, and her dad.MOJO 77MOJO 78MOJO 79MOJO 80MOJO 81MOJO 82MOJO 83MOJO 84MOJO 85Games and hoola hoops and a keg of beer were all in the garden for guests to enjoy.MOJO 86MOJO 87MOJO 88MOJO 89MOJO 90And then there was the cake cutting and wow what a cake depicting the amphitheatre where the happy couple got engaged along with many other things special to them, including another centurion and batman just because he is cool.MOJO 67MOJO 68MOJO 91MOJO 92Their first dance was a very happy time and Morwenna’s lovely dress was a highlight.MOJO 93MOJO 94MOJO 95Lovely, happy guests enjoyed every moment.MOJO 96Thank you both for asking me to take your wedding photos. I had a great day with brilliant people in a place that holds some very special memories for me too.


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