Kadie and Greg’s Wedding Day on 16th July 2016 at St Nicholas Church and Cottrell Park.

Kadie was getting ready at home with her nan, mum, daughter, sons and bridesmaids when I arrived to take the preparation photographs.  Kadie’s mum had used pretty pink and white roses and gypsophila when she very thoughtfully created the bouquets and button hole flowers.Kadie and Greg 3Kadie and Greg 4Kadie and Greg 5Kadie and Greg 6Kadie and Greg 7Kadie was helped with her stunning fitted, ivory, organza dress with sparkly appliqués, initially by her bridesmaids and then by her mum before heading off to St Nicholas Church in vintage cars.

Greg and the boys were all waiting at the church, checking ties and having fun.Kadie and Greg 8Kadie and Greg 9Kadie and Greg 10Kadie and Greg 11Kadie and Greg 12Kadie and Greg 13Kadie and Greg 14Kadie and Greg 15The little delay in starting didn’t detract from the lovely ceremony and dad was really happy with his part in the proceedings.  Their daughter, as well as looking gorgeous, also gave a brilliant reading.Kadie and Greg 16Kadie and Greg 17Kadie and Greg 18Kadie and Greg 19Kadie and Greg 20Kadie and Greg 21Kadie and Greg 23After signing the register it was outside into the shelter of a large tree for some group photos and some fun with the bridal party and couple.  Kadie and Greg 24Kadie and Greg 25Kadie and Greg 26Kadie and Greg 27Kadie and Greg 28Kadie and Greg 29Kadie and Greg 30Kadie and Greg 31Kadie and Greg 32Kadie and Greg 33Kadie and Greg 2Kadie and Greg 34Then into their vintage car to Cottrell Park for more photographs as we all braved the weather.Kadie and Greg 35Kadie and Greg 36Kadie and Greg 1Kadie and Greg 37Kadie and Greg 38Kadie and Greg 39Kadie and Greg 40Kadie and Greg 41Kadie and Greg 42Kadie and Greg 43Kadie and Greg 44Dinner, provided by Spiros  who were very helpful and lovely during the day, was followed by some very funny speeches by dad, the groom and especially the best man who I think went somewhat off script.Kadie and Greg 45Kadie and Greg 46Kadie and Greg 47Kadie and Greg 48Kadie and Greg 49Kadie and Greg 50Kadie and Greg 51Kadie and Greg 52Kadie and Greg 53Kadie and Greg 54Their littlest boy had a long nap during dinner on a blanket to give him extra energy for the party later.  There was time for everyone to relax before the cake cutting and the couples lovely first dance as husband and wife, once all the children had cleared the dance floor.  Kadie and Greg had arranged a caricaturist, chocolate fountains and a photo booth for their family and friends to enjoy.Kadie and Greg 55Kadie and Greg 56Kadie and Greg 57Kadie and Greg 59Kadie and Greg 61Kadie and Greg 60Kadie and Greg 58Thank you Kadie and Greg for being a super couple and braving the elements to get your wedding photographs.



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