Kimberley and James’ Wedding Day on 30th July 2016 at St Saviours Church and The Masonic Hall, Cardiff.

Everyone was very calm and organised for Kimberley’s preparation at her parent’s home with Dad, Mum, her brother and two bridesmaids.  Kimberley’s flowers were very elegant in mainly white and pale cream.  Her shoes were appliquéd with lace and pearl bead details. Kimberley and JamesKimberley and James 3Kimberley and James 10Kimberley and James 4Kimberley and James 5Kimberley and James 6Kimberley and James 7Her gorgeous tea-length bridal gown had a sheer neckline, back and long sleeves with lace detail.  The lace continued over the sweetheart bodice and onto the full tulle skirt.  Tiny button ran down the back of her dress.Kimberley and James 8Kimberley and James 7Kimberley and James 11The church was just around the corner and they had arranged a vintage Rolls Royce to take Kimberley and her Dad to the wedding ceremony.  Kimberley was very emotional arriving at the church.  Her Dad walked her down the aisle towards her very happy groom for their lovely wedding ceremony.Kimberley and James 13Kimberley and James 12Kimberley and James 14Kimberley and James 15Kimberley and James 16Kimberley and James 17Kimberley and James 18Kimberley and James 19Kimberley and James 20We managed to take the bridal party and immediate family photos at the church and even had the men skipping around on the lawn.Kimberley and James 21Kimberley and James 22Kimberley and James 23A vintage bus took some of the guests to the Masonic Hall while the happy couple went off to Waterloo Gardens for some couple photographs.Kimberley and James 24Kimberley and James 25Kimberley and James 26Kimberley and James 27Kimberley and James 28Kimberley and James 29Kimberley and James 30Kimberley and James 31Kimberley and James 32Kimberley and James 33Kimberley and James 34Kimberley and James 36Kimberley and James 37Then back in the Rolls and off to the Masonic Hall for their reception and some group photos from and also on the staircase.Kimberley and James 35Kimberley and James 38The Masonic Hall is very elegant with a giant orangery style roof light and their styling made a big impact with the huge LOVE light and the black and white theme reminiscent of times gone by.Kimberley and James 39Kimberley and James 40Just before the speeches we had blue steel poses with the boys and photos of the girls in the retro bathroom.Kimberley and James 41Kimberley and James 42Kimberley and James 46There were some very, very emotional speeches from Dad, Best Man and Groom with not a dry eye in the house.  James’ speech was short and sweet and he went on to cut the cake still a little teary eyed.Kimberley and James 43Kimberley and James 44Kimberley and James 45Kimberley and James 48Kimberley and James 49Kimberley and James 50Kimberley and James 51Kimberley and James 52Kimberley and James 53Kimberley and James 54Kimberley and James 55Kimberley and James 56Kimberley and James 57Kimberley and James 59There was time for everyone to relax with songs and saxophone music from a talented singer and musician in keeping with the theme of the day before the happy couples first dance as husband and wife with the huge LOVE light sign as their backdrop.Kimberley and James 47Kimberley and James 58Kimberley and James 60Kimberley and James 61Kimberley and James 63Kimberley and James 64Kimberley and James 62Thank you Kimberley and James for inviting me to be your wedding photographer, with the fabulous styling and all the tears and joy it was a great day.


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