Lizzie and Paul’s Wedding Day on 20th August 2016 at The Cardiff Jury’s Inn Hotel

Lizzie was getting ready at the hotel in Cardiff with her Mum and Dad before the children arrived from their trip to the park.  They all had a little picnic in the hotel room.  The bride’s hair was done by her Mum and she did her own make up.Lizzie and PaulLizzie and Paul 7Lizzie and Paul 8Lizzie and Paul 10Lizzie and Paul 11Lizzie and Paul 9Lizzie and Paul 6Lizzie’s flowers were in shades of lilac, lavender and purple with cream roses and she wore a pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings.Lizzie and Paul 4Lizzie and Paul 5Her wedding dress was an unusual halter necked a-line style with very beautiful details especially at the back and around the scalloped hemline.  The top organza layer had appliquéd embellishments that sparkled in the lights and she wore a simple veil and an intricate and sparkling tiara.Lizzie and Paul 12When the time came we went into the light ceremony room which was decorated with beautiful blossom trees.  Lizzie and Paul 3Lizzie and Paul 13Lizzie and Paul 14Lizzie and Paul 15I noticed that Lizzie was rather nervous when she entered the room but became completely calm when she saw Paul.Lizzie and Paul 16Lizzie and Paul 17Lizzie and Paul 18Lizzie and Paul 19Lizzie and Paul 20Lizzie and Paul 21Lizzie and Paul 22Lizzie and Paul 23Lizzie and Paul 25Lizzie and Paul 26Lizzie and Paul 27Lizzie and Paul 24Following their lovely ceremony we went into an opposite room for drinks and then, as it was raining, we remained inside the hotel and found various different places for photographs.  Their group photographs were taken in the large, classically wood panelled room downstairs.Lizzie and Paul 1Lizzie and Paul 2Lizzie and Paul 28Lizzie and Paul 29Lizzie and Paul 30Lizzie and Paul 31Lizzie and Paul 32Lizzie and Paul 33Lizzie and Paul 34Lizzie and Paul 35Lizzie and Paul 36Lizzie and Paul 37Lizzie and Paul 38Lizzie and Paul 39Lizzie and Paul 40Lizzie and Paul 41Lizzie and Paul 42Lizzie and Paul 43Lizzie and Paul 44Lizzie and Paul 45Lizzie and Paul 46 The couple and their guests were all seated for the wedding meal in a prettily decorated room with lovely cake stand centre pieces and an ice cream theme.Lizzie and Paul 47Lizzie and Paul 48Speeches by a very proud Dad, the groom and the best man followed the meal.Lizzie and Paul 49Lizzie and Paul 50Lizzie and Paul 51Lizzie and Paul 52Lizzie and Paul 53Lizzie and Paul 54Lizzie and Paul 56Lizzie and Paul 57Lizzie and Paul 58Lizzie and Paul 59They were able to relax after cake cutting when their daughter was looking on closely hoping for some cake maybe.Lizzie and Paul 60Lizzie and Paul 61Lizzie and Paul 62Then time for some fun with the children on the dance floor before this happy couple’s lovely first dance together.Lizzie and Paul 64Lizzie and Paul 65Lizzie and Paul 66Lizzie and Paul 68Lizzie and Paul 69Lizzie and Paul 70Lizzie and Paul 71Lizzie and Paul 72Lizzie and Paul 73Lizzie and Paul 74With my very best wishes to you both and my thanks for asking me to be your wedding photographer.



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