Rachel and Jon’s Wedding Day at St. Mary’s Hotel, Golf and Country Club on 27th August 2016.

Rachel was getting ready at The Heronstone Hotel when I arrived.  She had her bridesmaids with her and a member of her family was doing her hair.  Peach and cream silk roses formed her cascade bouquet with her bridesmaids having matching posies.  There was lots of sparkle from head to toe, with Rachel’s tiara, gown and shoes all adding to the effect as well as her bridesmaid having diamante and pearls around the neckline of their flowing dresses.  Rachel’s stunning gown was form fitting with overlaid appliqués, a deep ‘V’ scalloped neckline and a full skirt from just above her knees.rachel-and-jon-4rachel-and-jon-7rachel-and-jon-5rachel-and-jon-8rachel-and-jon-6rachel-and-jon-9rachel-and-jon-10rachel-and-jon-11They left the hotel in a very sleek car to go to the wedding ceremony in a very intimately lit room.  It was really lovely that all their bridesmaids, best men and ushers could join them for the ceremony on the slightly raised balcony, with Jason’s mum giving the reading.rachel-and-jon-12rachel-and-jon-13rachel-and-jon-14rachel-and-jon-15rachel-and-jon-16rachel-and-jon-18rachel-and-jon-17rachel-and-jon-19rachel-and-jon-21rachel-and-jon-22rachel-and-jon-23rachel-and-jon-20rachel-and-jon-24We all went out into the courtyard for confetti.rachel-and-jon-25rachel-and-jon-26We found various locations around the edge of the golf course for couple photographs and took the bridal party and the group photographs in the lovely courtyard.rachel-and-jon-30rachel-and-jon-31rachel-and-jon-32rachel-and-jon-33rachel-and-jon-34rachel-and-jon-35rachel-and-jon-36rachel-and-jon-37rachel-and-jon-38rachel-and-jon-39rachel-and-jon-40rachel-and-jon-41rachel-and-jon-42rachel-and-jon-43rachel-and-jon-44rachel-and-jon-45rachel-and-jon-46rachel-and-jon-1rachel-and-jon-2rachel-and-jon-3rachel-and-jon-48rachel-and-jon-49rachel-and-jon-47rachel-and-jon-50rachel-and-jon-51rachel-and-jon-52Lots of attention to detail had been paid to the colour matching of bride and bridesmaids dresses with ties, hankies and waistcoats and flowers not to mention the spectacular array of cufflinks.rachel-and-jon-27rachel-and-jon-28rachel-and-jon-29The commendable wedding breakfast was served in the conservatory which was decorated by Blue Butterfly with candles and antiqued vases and more spectacular silk flowers and amazingly, I understand they even wired in their own chandeliers.rachel-and-jon-53rachel-and-jon-54rachel-and-jon-55rachel-and-jon-56rachel-and-jon-57rachel-and-jon-58rachel-and-jon-59rachel-and-jon-60rachel-and-jon-61The cake cutting and speeches by Dad, Jon and his best man, all with lovely stories were followed by an evening of relaxing on the decking and looking forward to the excellent seven piece jazz band.rachel-and-jon-62rachel-and-jon-63rachel-and-jon-64rachel-and-jon-65The music was fabulous as, I am sure, was the party.  Thank you Rachel and Jon for asking me to photograph your wedding day.


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