Shelly and Leon’s Wedding Day on 3rd September 2016 at Coed-Y-Mwstwr Hotel.

Shelly was getting ready in a lovely room at Coed-Y-Mwstwr with her girls and her Mum, while her bridesmaids had the bridal suite.  It was lovely and quiet while Shelly’s sister-in-law did the bride’s make up and a friend did her hair.shelly-and-leon-6shelly-and-leon-10Once again there were lovely silk flowers, beautifully arranged into bouquets of pastel pinks with diamante centres.shelly-and-leon-7shelly-and-leon-9shelly-and-leon-5Shelly’s gown had a corset back, sweetheart neckline and was ruched to one side.  The fabric was incredibly pretty with just a little additional sparkle to match her jewellery which was also very individual with a pearls, sparkles and delicate flowers.shelly-and-leon-12shelly-and-leon-8shelly-and-leon-13shelly-and-leon-11When everyone was ready they made their entrance to the large ceremony room down the grand staircase which is a feature at Coed-Y-Mwstwr where Leon was waiting for his bride to arrive.  His face was an absolute picture in itself when he saw her walking down the aisle.shelly-and-leon-14shelly-and-leon-15shelly-and-leon-16shelly-and-leon-17shelly-and-leon-19shelly-and-leon-21shelly-and-leon-22shelly-and-leon-23shelly-and-leon-24Their’s could only be described as a very cute ceremony with four best men and their son handing over the rings.shelly-and-leon-28shelly-and-leon-32shelly-and-leon-29shelly-and-leon-30shelly-and-leon-20shelly-and-leon-18shelly-and-leon-26After the ceremony everyone congregated in the bar for reception drinks before couple photographs all around the beautiful rooms in the hotel. This pair were so lovely and completely relaxed all day. We had zero chance of making it outside due to the rain but when you are at Coed-Y-Mwstwr it means you have no worries about getting lovely photos.shelly-and-leon-1shelly-and-leon-2shelly-and-leon-3shelly-and-leon-31shelly-and-leon-33shelly-and-leon-34shelly-and-leon-35shelly-and-leon-36shelly-and-leon-37shelly-and-leon-38shelly-and-leon-39shelly-and-leon-40shelly-and-leon-41shelly-and-leon-43shelly-and-leon-44shelly-and-leon-45shelly-and-leon-46shelly-and-leon-47shelly-and-leon-48shelly-and-leon-49shelly-and-leon-50shelly-and-leon-51shelly-and-leon-52shelly-and-leon-53shelly-and-leon-55After the gorgeous couple shots we had some family photos with their lovely children and even some fun with the bridal party despite being indoors.shelly-and-leon-54shelly-and-leon-56shelly-and-leon-57shelly-and-leon-58shelly-and-leon-59shelly-and-leon-60The wedding breakfast was held in a room beautifully decorated by Emma Hall Designs.shelly-and-leon-61shelly-and-leon-62shelly-and-leon-63shelly-and-leon-64Emotional speeches followed by Shelly’s dad, Leon, his uncle, bridesmaid and sister and finally to the best men with a brilliant slide show.shelly-and-leon-66shelly-and-leon-67shelly-and-leon-68shelly-and-leon-69shelly-and-leon-70shelly-and-leon-71shelly-and-leon-72shelly-and-leon-73shelly-and-leon-74shelly-and-leon-75shelly-and-leon-76shelly-and-leon-77shelly-and-leon-78shelly-and-leon-79shelly-and-leon-80shelly-and-leon-81shelly-and-leon-82Not, of course, forgetting the cake cutting (made by a friend) and relaxing with some more family photos and on to the first dance, with confetti on the dance floor, and a band for the party.  Shelly and Leon had arranged a Photo Booth too for what looked like it was going to be a great party.shelly-and-leon-65shelly-and-leon-86shelly-and-leon-85shelly-and-leon-84shelly-and-leon-83shelly-and-leon-88shelly-and-leon-92shelly-and-leon-91shelly-and-leon-87shelly-and-leon-89shelly-and-leon-90shelly-and-leon-94shelly-and-leon-93It was a privilege to spend the day with this lovely couple and their gorgeous family.  Thank you Shelly and Leon for inviting me to be your wedding photographer.


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