Ben and Roxanne’s Wedding Day at Audleys Wood Hotel on 5th November 2016.

In the Jane Austen suite at Audley’s Wood Hotel, Roxanne and her family, were getting ready.  Beautiful royal blue and white flowers, sparkly nails, fabulous tiaras, the cutest of flower girls, with sashes tied in big bows and that is before I get to the gorgeous young man in charge of wedding ring security and suitably attired in a superhero cape.ben-and-roxanne-5ben-and-roxanne-4ben-and-roxanne-6ben-and-roxanne-8ben-and-roxanne-7Roxanne wore a beautifully detailed, sweetheart neckline dress with a dropped waist and intricate beaded appliqués.  It had a full ball gown skirt and train and tiny button detail down the back.  Fur stoles added even more glamour to the effect and were certainly necessary to keep out the chilly November weather.ben-and-roxanne-9ben-and-roxanne-10ben-and-roxanne-13ben-and-roxanne-12The bride received a photobook of her hen do as a gift.ben-and-roxanne-16Ben was waiting downstairs with family and friends before his bride and her dad walked down the staircase with the bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboysben-and-roxanne-15ben-and-roxanne-17ben-and-roxanne-18When their little girl saw her daddy waiting at the end of the aisle a massive beaming smile came on her face.  It was an emotional ceremony with readings and personal vows completed after the signing of the register they danced out down the aisle to drinks and confetti.ben-and-roxanne-19ben-and-roxanne-20ben-and-roxanne-21ben-and-roxanne-23ben-and-roxanne-22ben-and-roxanne-24ben-and-roxanne-25ben-and-roxanne-26ben-and-roxanne-27The Garden Pavillion was decorated in their blue and white theme with a balloon arch, martini glasses with floating candles, twinkly lights, petals and their amazing wedding cake and cupcakes.  There was also a memory table.ben-and-roxanne-28ben-and-roxanne-29ben-and-roxanne-30ben-and-roxanne-31ben-and-roxanne-32ben-and-roxanne-33For their couple photos, Ben and Roxanne strolled around the lovely grounds at the back of Audley’s Wood stopping to admire the falling leaves before moving to the front of the hotel for a walk up the drive and some fun with their children.ben-and-roxanne-34ben-and-roxanne-41ben-and-roxanne-43ben-and-roxanne-1ben-and-roxanne-3ben-and-roxanne-35ben-and-roxanne-44ben-and-roxanne-45ben-and-roxanne-46ben-and-roxanne-36ben-and-roxanne-37ben-and-roxanne-47ben-and-roxanne-48ben-and-roxanne-49ben-and-roxanne-38ben-and-roxanne-39ben-and-roxanne-40ben-and-roxanne-42ben-and-roxanne-50ben-and-roxanne-51ben-and-roxanne-2ben-and-roxanne-52ben-and-roxanne-54ben-and-roxanne-55ben-and-roxanne-56ben-and-roxanne-57Followed quickly by some bridal party silliness and the group photographs before everyone was too cold.ben-and-roxanne-53ben-and-roxanne-58ben-and-roxanne-59ben-and-roxanne-60ben-and-roxanne-61ben-and-roxanne-62ben-and-roxanne-63Ben and Roxanne had a receiving line to greet all their guest to the wedding breakfast in the Garden Pavillion.  The meal was followed by speeches from dad, Ben and his best man. These were lovely and caring and showed the great relationships and friendships between the various people.  ben-and-roxanne-64ben-and-roxanne-65ben-and-roxanne-66ben-and-roxanne-67ben-and-roxanne-68ben-and-roxanne-69ben-and-roxanne-70ben-and-roxanne-71ben-and-roxanne-72Being Bonfire Night we couldn’t go without a few crazy sparklers and everyone braved the cold and had a go.ben-and-roxanne-73ben-and-roxanne-74ben-and-roxanne-75ben-and-roxanne-76Then back in the warm to cut their wedding cake, Ben and Roxanne first dance as husband and wife.  There were Mum and Dad dances too and the kiddies having fun.  Even Batman an Robin made an appearance.ben-and-roxanne-80ben-and-roxanne-81ben-and-roxanne-82ben-and-roxanne-83ben-and-roxanne-84ben-and-roxanne-85ben-and-roxanne-86ben-and-roxanne-88ben-and-roxanne-89ben-and-roxanne-90ben-and-roxanne-77ben-and-roxanne-78ben-and-roxanne-79Ben and Roxanne thank you so much for asking me to be your wedding photographer and for all the fun we had.


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