Leah and Simon’s Wedding at Audleys Wood, Hampshire on 29th December 2016.

My final three wedding of 2016 all took place at Audleys Wood and I was fortunate enough to be asked to photograph Leah and Simon’s wedding at Audleys Wood Hotel during the Christmas holidays.  leah-and-simon-2leah-and-simon-3leah-and-simon-4Leah and Simon were to be married late in the afternoon with just a few family and friends in attendance and it turned out to be a true winter wonderland wedding with frost on the ground and winter sunshine low in the sky.  I had been asked to just attend the wedding for a couple of hours to photograph the ceremony, the couple and a few group and family shots after the event.  This tiny wedding had all the elements you could wish for to take beautiful photographs.  A stunning location, a pensive groom, a handsome family and of course a beautiful bride.leah-and-simon-5Leah was escorted down the staircase at Audleys Wood by her eldest son.  She wore a soft, floaty chiffon gown with dropped shoulders and a ruched bodice with delicate sparkle detail.  Her bouquet was deep red with white accents.  The leaves, berries and red ribbon gave it a real Christmassy feel.leah-and-simon-6leah-and-simon-7leah-and-simon-8leah-and-simon-9leah-and-simon-10Leah’s youngest son was ring bearer and he walked down the aisle as the couple held hands watching.leah-and-simon-11leah-and-simon-12leah-and-simon-13leah-and-simon-14leah-and-simon-15leah-and-simon-16leah-and-simon-17leah-and-simon-18It was a perfect ceremony sealed with a kiss.leah-and-simon-19leah-and-simon-20leah-and-simon-21leah-and-simon-22leah-and-simon-23leah-and-simon-24After their ceremony the couple braved the elements and we were able to go outside for some photographs in the wintery grounds surrounding Audleys Wood.  leah-and-simon-25leah-and-simon-26leah-and-simon-27leah-and-simon-28leah-and-simon-29leah-and-simon-30leah-and-simon-32leah-and-simon-33leah-and-simon-35leah-and-simon-37Some of the winter wonderland feel I mentioned previously.leah-and-simon-39leah-and-simon-31leah-and-simon-1Back inside to get warm and for a few Christmassy photographs of the couple and their family.leah-and-simon-38leah-and-simon-36leah-and-simon-34leah-and-simon-40leah-and-simon-41leah-and-simon-42Afternoon tea and cake was to follow.  Thank you so much Leah and Simon for asking me to photograph your lovely wedding, it was a real pleasure.


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