Karlos and Michelle’s Wedding Day on 25th March 2017 at St Lawrence Church and Alton House Hotel.

Michelle was getting ready at home with her family when I arrived.  The sun was shining and the sky was a stunning blue. Michelle’s wedding dress was beautifully appliquéd with lace, silver thread and delicate sparkle.  Her shoes had delicate blue bows and “I do” sparkling on the soles.Michelle and Karlos 5Michelle and Karlos 6

Michelle and Karlos 4Soooo cute.

Michelle and Karlos 7Michelle and Karlos 8Michelle and Karlos 9Their church was nearby and Karlos was greeting guests in the sunshine.  Michelle and Karlos 10Michelle and Karlos 11Michelle and Karlos 12Michelle arrived in style in a fabulous car.Michelle and Karlos 13Michelle and Karlos 14Their’s was a fun, uplifting and quirky ceremony even involving balloons and “L” plates.Michelle and Karlos 15Michelle and Karlos 16Michelle and Karlos 17Michelle and Karlos 18Michelle and Karlos 19Michelle and Karlos 20Michelle and Karlos 21Michelle and Karlos 22Alton House Hotel was set up beautifully with their royal blue colour scheme and large white feathers.Michelle and Karlos 23Their cake was a piece of art.Michelle and Karlos 24We spent time in the lovely gardens for the couple photographs and with some of the most well behaved children, happy to have some fun with the bridal party.Michelle and Karlos 25Michelle and Karlos 28Michelle and Karlos 26Michelle and Karlos 29Michelle and Karlos 27Michelle and Karlos 30Michelle and Karlos 1Michelle and Karlos 31Michelle and Karlos 2Michelle and Karlos 32Michelle and Karlos 33Michelle and Karlos 34Michelle’s brother had walked her down the aisle and also gave a speech at the wedding breakfast, together with Karlos and his best man.  This was the emotional bit where I had to hide behind my camera.Michelle and Karlos 35Michelle and Karlos 36Michelle and Karlos 37Michelle and Karlos 38Michelle and Karlos 39Michelle and Karlos 40After dinner and the speeches it was time to relax in the hotel and get ready for the party.Michelle and Karlos 41Michelle and Karlos 3This lovely couple’s first dance was followed by dances with their immediate family.Michelle and Karlos 42Michelle and Karlos 43Michelle and Karlos 44It was a brilliant day, with a very happy couple and their family and friends.  Thank you Michelle and Karlos of asking me to share your day with you.


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