Bethan and Jon’s Wedding Day, Friday 28th April 2017 at St Basils Church, Newport and The Vale Resort, Cardiff.

There are many ways to meet prospective brides and when I met Bethan we discovered that we both shared the same favourite colour.  You’ve guessed it yellow.  Not only did they have beautiful flowers, which were predominantly yellow, but they cut out each individual piece of yellow confetti themselves.  Now that is dedicated.Bethan and Jon 4When I arrived for her preparation photographs, Bethan was getting ready with her four bridesmaids and one lovely flower girl.Bethan and Jon 2Bethan and Jon 3Bethan and Jon 7Bethan and Jon 8Bethan and Jon 6Bethan and Jon 5Bethan and Jon 9Bethan and Jon 10Bethan and Jon 11Bethan’s beautiful full skirted wedding gown had an appliquéd bodice with three quarter length sleeves, a scalloped neckline, a corset back and just the right amount of sparkle.  She looked stunning as she stopped for a photograph before going into church.Bethan and Jon 12Bethan and Jon 13Bethan and Jon 15Bethan and Jon 16Bethan and Jon 17Bethan and Jon 18Bethan and Jon 22Bethan and Jon 19Bethan and Jon 20Bethan and Jon 21Bethan and Jon 25Bethan and Jon 26Bethan and Jon 29A little bit of tradition with Jon and his best man after the ceremony.Bethan and Jon 24There goes all that amazing confetti.Bethan and Jon 23Bethan and Jon were transported from the church to The Vale Resort in their vintage Rolls where we were able to take some original couple photographs, including golf buggies and little bit of Disney, which by the way is where they spent their honeymoon.Bethan and Jon 27Bethan and Jon 28Bethan and Jon 34Bethan and Jon 35Bethan and Jon 36Bethan and Jon 37Bethan and Jon 38Bethan and Jon 39Bethan and Jon 40Bethan and Jon 41Bethan and Jon 58Bethan and Jon 67Bethan and Jon 68Bethan and Jon 69Bethan and Jon 1Bethan and Jon 70Bethan and Jon 65Bethan and Jon 66Bethan and Jon 71This lovely couple had lots of fun ideas for photographs, with the important golf theme making complete sense at The Vale Golf Resort.Bethan and Jon 42Bethan and Jon 43Bethan and Jon 44Bethan and Jon 45Bethan and Jon 46Bethan and Jon 47Bethan and Jon 48Bethan and Jon 49Bethan and Jon 50They made a grand entrance for their wedding breakfast where there were more lovely details with golf, Disney, yellow and green all making an appearance.Bethan and Jon 51Bethan and Jon 52Bethan and Jon 53Bethan and Jon 54Bethan and Jon 55Bethan and Jon 56Bethan and Jon 57Bethan and Jon 59Bethan and Jon 60Bethan and Jon 61Bethan and Jon 62Bethan and Jon 63Just look at the detail on their cake topper.Bethan and Jon 64Bethan and Jon 72And then the first dance started the party for their great crowd of family and friends.Bethan and Jon 73Bethan and Jon 74Bethan and Jon 75Bethan and Jon 76A truly wonderful wedding for this lovely couple.  Thank you Bethan and Jon for inviting me to be your photographer on your special day.


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