Claire and Mohammad’s Wedding Day at The Holy Nativity Church and Cottrell Park on 27th July 2017

Claire and Mohammad’s wedding day was unusual in many ways.  To start with they were already married in the Lebanon with Mohammad’s family,  but were making it official here.  Then somehow we became involved with a flying veil, a pond, a big stick and muddy knees.  But as with all good fairy tales it all worked out well in the end.

Claire was getting ready at her Mum’s house and told me that sky blue was always going to be her colour for the wedding.  So along with some other very pretty colours sky blue was a big feature including in her head band, the bridesmaids dresses, the mens attire and flowers.

Claire and Mo 8Claire and Mo 4Claire and Mo 6Claire and Mo 5Claire and Mo 7Claire’s classic wedding gown was beautifully detailed and really matched her personality.  Claire and Mo 9Claire and Mo 10Claire and Mo 11When Claire was dressed I headed to the church to catch Mohammad greetings their guests before the arrival of his bride, her dad and bridesmaids.Claire and Mo 12Claire and Mo 13Claire and Mo 14The Holy Nativity can only be described as a cute church.  Claire’s family and special friends were joined for the ceremony by children from Claire’s school.Claire and Mo 15Claire and Mo 16Claire and Mo 18Claire and Mo 19Claire and Mo 20Claire and Mo 21Claire and Mo 17After a beautiful service we were outside for confetti and a few photographs at the church before heading off to Cottrell Park Golf Club.Claire and Mo 22Claire and Mo 24Claire and Mo 23Claire and Mo 25Did I mention the big green double decker bus for transporting their guests.Claire and Mo 28Claire and Mo 29Claire and Mo 3Claire and Mo 39Claire and Mo 30Claire and Mo 31Claire and Mo 32Claire and Mo 33As you will notice it was about here that Claire’s veil flew off into the pond and I became involved with that big stick to hook it out.  Claire’s veil was rescued, put under a tap and hand dryer, given a quick spray of perfume and was almost as good as new.  Unfortunately my muddy knees remained for the rest of the day.Claire and Mo 34Claire and Mo 35Claire and Mo 36Claire and Mo 37Claire and Mo 38Claire and Mo 40 We had a very lucky break in the weather for some beautiful blue skies to add to the pretty backdrops at Cottrell Park and overall colour theme of their wedding.Claire and Mo 1Claire and Mo 2We also had some fun with the bridal party, some very athletic groomsmen and stunning bridesmaids in delightful sparkly blue dresses.Claire and Mo 41Claire and Mo 42Claire and Mo 43Claire and Mo 44Claire and Mo 45On to the wedding breakfast with emotional speeches and many, many smiles.Claire and Mo 46Claire and Mo 47Claire and Mo 48Claire and Mo 49Claire and Mo 50Claire and Mo 51Claire and Mo 52Claire and Mo 53Claire and Mo 54The little details that make all the difference.Claire and Mo 26Claire and Mo 27Claire and Mo 55The happy couple cut their cake and then I had a chance to take a couple more photographs of our stunning bride.Claire and Mo 56Claire and Mo 57A very romantic first dance followed under the glitter ball and with the sparkly blossom trees in the background.Claire and Mo 58And then the party really started.Claire and Mo 59Claire and Mo 60Claire and Mo 61Thank you Claire and Mohammad for choosing me to take your wedding photographs.  I had a brilliant day.



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