Taryn and Richard’s Wedding Day on 5th August 2017 at Coed-Y-Mwstwr

I was greeted on the morning of Taryn and Richard’s wedding at Coed-Y-Mwstwr by these amazing hay bales and brilliant sunshine.  They really set the scene and had me smiling for the rest of the day.Taryn and Richard 3Taryn was getting ready for the big day with her daughters and bridesmaids.Taryn and Richard 6Pretty peach and cornflower blue flowers with tiny white daisies made up the bouquets. The bride wore very fancy shoes and the flower girls went for sparkle.Taryn and Richard 5Taryn and Richard 4Taryn and Richard 7Taryn and Richard 11Taryn and Richard 8Taryn’s stunning wedding gown was in soft ivory with sparkling appliqués across the shoulders, around the sweetheart neckline and through to the train. Taryn and Richard 9Taryn and Richard 10Taryn and Richard 12Everyone wore their hair in soft curls adorned with sparkle and flowers.Taryn and Richard 13Richard waited happily for his bride to arrive and got a lovely cuddle when his daughters reached him.Taryn and Richard 14Taryn and Richard 15Taryn and Richard 16Taryn and Richard 17You will see that this lovely couple were very expressive throughout the ceremony.Taryn and Richard 18Taryn and Richard 19Taryn and Richard 20Taryn and Richard 21Taryn and Richard 25Taryn and Richard 22Taryn and Richard 23I find that family photos work really well directly after the register is signed and once again there were some great cuddles.Taryn and Richard 24We were truly spoilt with the sunshine on this lovely day making the couple photographs really sparkle.Taryn and Richard 29Taryn and Richard 30Taryn and Richard 31Taryn and Richard 28Taryn and Richard 32Taryn and Richard 33Taryn and Richard 34Taryn and Richard 35Taryn and Richard 36Taryn and Richard 37Taryn and Richard 38Taryn and Richard 2We managed to get couple photos with the hay bales and later in the day some really fun one too.Taryn and Richard 1Taryn and Richard 49All the blues and ivory made a brilliantly co-ordinated colour scheme.Taryn and Richard 39Taryn and Richard 40Coed-Y-Mwstwr is a stunning venue and Taryn and Richard’s decorations worked really well.Taryn and Richard 26At the wedding breakfast there were lots of speeches from the groom, dad, two best men, a bridesmaid and one of their daughters.  There was even a quiz.Taryn and Richard 41Taryn and Richard 42Taryn and Richard 43Taryn and Richard 44Taryn and Richard 45Taryn and Richard 46Taryn and Richard 47Taryn and Richard 48Then it was on to cutting their very exceptional wedding cake.  I don’t often chickens and tractors featured.Taryn and Richard 27Taryn and Richard 50Taryn and Richard 51The party was started with Richard and Taryn’s first dance together as husband and wife.Taryn and Richard 53Taryn and Richard 54Taryn and Richard 52Thank you both for asking me to be your wedding photographer.  Your beautiful day with family and friends was enhanced with the brilliant sunshine at one of my favourite venues.


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