Leanne and Ian’s Wedding Day on 12th August 2017 at Worting Church and Beechdown.

Leanne was getting ready at her parent’s house which happened to be just around the corner from my family home in Basingstoke.  I spotted her very cool bright pink trainers immediately.Leanne and Ian 10Really cute little box for the wedding rings.Leanne and Ian 4Leanne and Ian 3Leanne and Ian 6Leanne and Ian 5Leanne and Ian 7Leanne had family and friends helping her to prepare for their big day.  Her hair was styled in a very soft and flattering up do and her make up was beautiful.  Leanne’s stunning wedding gown was off the shoulder with sparkly appliqués and a corset back.Leanne and Ian 8Leanne and Ian 9As Leanne and her family prepared to leave in their vintage bus I went ahead of them to Worting Church where Ian and their family and friends were awaiting Leanne’s arrival.Leanne and Ian 11Leanne and Ian 12This young man was super well behaved for the entire day and was really helpful and co-operative when it came to the photographs.  Superstar.Leanne and Ian 13Leanne and Ian 14Leanne and Ian 15Leanne and Ian 16Leanne and Ian 17Leanne and Ian 18Leanne and Ian 19Leanne and Ian 21Leanne and Ian 20Leanne and Ian 22A lovely church ceremony with the happy couple emerging into the sunshine for a confetti shower and a few couple photographs at this very pretty location.Leanne and Ian 23Leanne and Ian 34Leanne and Ian 38I wandered over to Worting House with Leanne, Ian and their bridal party for their photographs in the country house grounds with far reaching views across Hampshire and a very village like feel.  Thanks once again to the brilliant sunshine.Leanne and Ian 24Leanne and Ian 25Leanne and Ian 26Leanne and Ian 27Leanne and Ian 28Leanne and Ian 29Leanne and Ian 35Leanne and Ian 1Leanne and Ian 2Leanne and Ian 30Leanne and Ian 31Leanne and Ian 32Leanne and Ian 33Leanne and Ian 36Leanne and Ian 37The bus was waiting to whisk the happy couple off to Beechdown for their wedding breakfast and reception.  Very pretty decorations and lots of bubbly made it a warm welcome.Leanne and Ian 39Leanne and Ian 41Leanne and Ian 43Speeches were made by the groom, his best man and the bride’s dad and the Leanne and her dad practiced their dance routine in secret.Leanne and Ian 44Leanne and Ian 45Leanne and Ian 4647Leanne and Ian 42A spectacular naked cake ready to be cut by the happy couple.Leanne and Ian 40Leanne and Ian 48Leanne and Ian 49Leanne danced with her dad and her new husband Ian before the party really got started.Leanne and Ian 50Thank you Leanne and Ian for having me as your wedding photographer.  It is always lovely to be back in the area of my childhood and your brilliant wedding day was a very pleasant reason for the trip.



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